Week Seventeen: The Comedians of Comedy (2005)

Title: The Comedians of Comedy

Tone: Laughter shall be had


Director-Michael Bliden

Cast- Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Zach Galifianakis, Brian Posehn

When: 2005

What: Follow some of the funniest comedians ever as they tour across the U.S.


  • Wrapping up a month of motivational/inspiring films with The Comedians of Comedy, which always makes me want to drop everything and go on a comedy tour with my friends.
  • Not only is The Comedians of Comedy one of the funniest stand-up films around, it also offers insight into how funny people construct their routines. It’s really engaging to watch these funny folks conjure up jokes/routines while they’re on the road.
  • One of the best aspects of The Comedians of Comedy, coupled with archive footage of their early routines, are when the group discusses what it was like when they started performing, swapping stories about bombing on stage, handling hecklers, working tough rooms, and so on.
  • All and all, watching comedians on the road trying to make each other laugh makes The Comedians of Comedy just a lot of fun to watch. Below is an excerpt from one of Zach Galifianakis’ routines in the film. Enjoy!

~ by cinematte on April 24, 2011.

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