Sunday Feature-Week 22: Mac & Me (1988)

Title: Mac and Me

Tone: Wonderfully obscure, commercially driven, E.T rip-off extravaganza


Director-Stewart Raffill

Cast- Jade Calegory, Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward

When: 1988

What: A boy befriends a mysterious alien creature (hence M.A.C) and tries to reunite him with his family.


  • One of the greatest “Oh my god we need to make a movie like E.T” movies of all time, Mac and Me is full of painfully obvious product placements, unnecessary dance numbers, and good old-fashioned bad acting.
  • One of the silliest aspects of Mac and Me is the fact that once Mac is introduced it is also understood that he needs Coca-cola to live. Hardcore product placement right there.
  • Mac and Me is a perfect film to throw on with a group of friends to point at, mock, and maybe even shed a tear to.
  • Mac and Me has recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to Paul Rudd showcasing this clip on Conan O’Brien. Enjoy!

~ by cinematte on May 30, 2010.

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