Sunday Feature-Week 19: Bugsy Malone (1976)

Title: Bugsy Malone

Tone: Scott Baio and Jodie Foster in obscure musical gold!


Director-Alan Parker

Cast- Scott Baio, Jodie Foster

When: 1976

What: A gangster film, set in the 1920’s, with an all children cast!


  • There are so many hidden treasures in the world of cinema and Bugsy Malone is a diamond in the rough. Starring a 15 year old Scott Baio in his film debut and 16 year old Jodie Foster, Bugsy Malone is a marvelously odd and wonderful gangster musical.
  • Scored by Paul Williams, who wrote the music and lyrics for The Muppet Christmas Carol, Bugsy Malone has one hell of a catchy soundtrack. (My personal favorite song from the film can be found here)
  • Bugsy Malone is chock full of little oddities, peddle powered cars, kids donned with faux mustaches, and pie fights galore, all which make for a perfect film to throw on when you just want to turn you brain off and be entertained.
  • If you’re not sold on the film yet then might I add they also have fucking tommy guns that shoot cream pies!! Enjoy!


~ by cinematte on May 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sunday Feature-Week 19: Bugsy Malone (1976)”

  1. […] will be recommendations for Christmas themed action films, the gutsiest Anti-Nazi film ever made, Obscure musicals, the perfect post-Yom Kippur film and so on. Hopefully you’ll find a title you haven’t […]

  2. I forget who told me about this. One of the people in a film class at the Graduate Center, I think…I watched it, at any rate. What a bizarre experience. There’s something delightfully discombobulated about the whole endeavor, where a silent-movie-zany-infused gangster film meets an uncomfortable but impressive middle school talent show in the middle of an overwrought overlong music video extravaganza. Boy that was fun to write. Not good writing, but fun to write. Which might just be how Alan Parker feels about “Bugsy Malone” these days!

  3. One of the greatest films ever made! As a Kid I loved it more than any other! Pure genius! My kid loves it and im sure his kids will love it and so on. THE BEST!

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