Cinnematte: An Introduction

During the summer of 2004 I couldn’t sleep. Throughout this bout of insomnia, while the rest of the world was in slumber, I needed to find ways to pass the time. My solution for this predicament was to head to the local video store and raid the shelves. I took out stacks of films, classics like Citizen Kane(Welles,1941), 2001:A Space Odyssey(Kubrick,1968), Taxi Driver(Scorsese,1976), and more obscure films like Agurrie,the Wrath of God (Herzog,1972), Once Upon a Time in the West(Leone, 1968), and The Circus (Chaplin,1928). Mini movie marathons kept me engrossed throughout these sleepless nights and my obsession with cinema began.

Jump ahead a few years and I now have a degree in film history, which is relatively worthless in terms of entering the workforce. So how do I apply my degree to something I enjoy doing? Enter Cinematte, a weekly series in which I recommend films I’ve become quite fond of over the years. Some recommendations are classics that sincerely should be seen before you die and others are overlooked, obscure, and underrated titles that deserve some attention. Throughout the year there will be recommendations for Christmas themed action films, the gutsiest Anti-Nazi film ever made, Obscure musicals, the perfect post-Yom Kippur film and so on. Hopefully you’ll find a title you haven’t heard of or newfound joy in those you have.

Happy viewing,


~ by cinematte on January 1, 2010.

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